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Attorney for Sexual Assault in San Diego Churches

Anyone who attends services at or who is involved in clubs or organizations through a place of worship in San Diego County should be able to expect that this is a safe place. Places of worship are buildings or structures where people gather together in groups, individually, or as a congregation for religious services and religious activities. There are many different types of places of worship in Southern California, including Christian churches, Buddhist and Jewish temples, synagogues, mosques, Hindu places of worship, and many more. Many attendees believe places of worship to be sanctuaries, and they see them as places where they do not need to fear the harm that can happen outside such spaces as a result of sexual assault or other forms of sexual violence and abuse.

Yet sexual assault does occur in places of worship, and it happens more often than many people want to believe. It is important to ensure that those who are responsible for sexual assault in places of worship are held accountable. An experienced attorney for sexual assault in San Diego churches can help.

Filing a Sexual Assault Lawsuit in San Diego County

When can you file a civil lawsuit in San Diego County after sexual assault or abuse in a place of worship? While criminal laws can charge the perpetrator with certain crimes that can result in criminal penalties, these cases do not always move forward, and the outcomes are not always satisfactory to the survivors and their families. In the aftermath of a sexual assault at a place of worship, the survivor may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator or against another party whose negligence enabled the sexual assault.

Parties Who Can Be Liable for Sexual Assault in San Diego County Places of Worship

At places of worship in San Diego County, not only can employees of the place of worship be direct perpetrators of sexual assault or sexual violence who can be liable civilly for these criminal acts, but employees may also be liable if their negligence enabled the sexual assault. For example, if a member of the clergy was informed about allegations of sexual assault perpetrated by an employee or member of the congregation and failed to take steps to prevent it or investigate it or actively thwarted an investigation, that member of the clergy could be liable. Examples of parties who could be liable include, for example:

  • Pastor;
  • Priest;
  • Preacher;
  • Deacon;
  • Monk;
  • Nun;
  • Bishop;
  • Elder;
  • Teachers or instructors;
  • Religious counselor;
  • President (of the congregation or place of worship);
  • Chaplain;
  • Pandit;
  • Imam;
  • Rabbi; and
  • Many others.
Statute of Limitations for a Sexual Assault at a Place of Worship in San Diego County

California recently expanded its statute of limitations for sexual assault claims, and survivors may have anywhere from three to 10 years to file a sexual assault lawsuit under California law. Do not hesitate to seek advice from sexual assault church lawyer to ensure that you file your claim as quickly as possible. It is important to know that the new law expands the statute of limitations for sexual assaults that occurred many years ago, so you should not assume the statute of limitations has run out on your claim. You may still be eligible to sue a place of worship or one of its employees with help from an attorney.

Contact a San Diego County Sexual Assault Lawyer Today

If you or someone you love survived a sexual assault at a San Diego County place of worship, it may be possible to file a lawsuit. Contact a San Diego County sexual assault attorney at the Walton Law Firm today to learn more about the expanded statute of limitations and holding the wrongdoer accountable.

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