Burn Injury Lawyer

fire.jpgIn the world of personal injury law, cases involving burn injuries are widely considered the most valuable. There are many reasons for this.  First, the pain and agony associated with a burn, even a small one, can be described as some of the most intense imaginable, and one most people can relate to. Most people have experienced some type of burn in the course of their life.

Burn injury cases also have great value because of the scars burns frequently leave behind. While most first-degree burns will resolve without scarring, second and third degree burns can leave permanent disfiguring scars.

The "value" from these cases comes from the usually high award of general damages for burn victims.  General damages (aka pain-and-suffering damages) are the non-economic damages associated with an injury case. Above and beyond and economic damages suffered by a burn victim, such as medical bills and lost wages, the injured person is also entitled to a sum of money for the impact the burn has had on his or her life. These damages consider the pain experienced, the permanency and/or embarrassment of the injury due to scarring, the limitations of use of a limb injured in a burn, or any other impact the burn has had on the injured person's life. Of course, these damages are available in all personal injury cases, they are just magnified in cases involving burns.

The Mayo Clinic provides an excellent online resource to determining the severity of a burn.  Generally speaking, burns are graded by degree: First, Second, and Third.  The degree of the burn will determine the type of medical care needed.

First-Degree Burns - A first-degree burn is the lease serious burn injury a person can sustain, and is one in which only the outer lawyer of the skin is burned.  This type of burn is usually characterized by redness in the skin, some swelling, and minor pain.  Generally speaking, first-degree burns do not require medical attention unless a substantial portion of the body is affected.

Second-Degree Burns - A second-degree burn occurs when the burn has penetrated below the first layer of skin and into the second layer, which is known as the dermis.  By appearance, a second-degree burn is usually identified by a deep red color in the skin and blistering.  Pain and swelling will also be present.

Per the Mayo Clinic website, if the second-degree burn is no larger than three inches around, it can be treated as a minor burn, and usually can be treated at home.  If it is larger, it is advised to get medical treatment immediately.

Third-Degree Burns - The third-degree burn is the most serious type of burn, and occurs where all layers of the skin are burn, and the damage goes into the tissue.  By appearance, the burned areas may be charred looking, and may look black, or can even look white and dry.  Burns of this degree require immediate medical attention.

An excellent resource from the Mayo Clinic website for burn injuries can be found here.

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