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Stop Sign Auto Accidents

Stop Sign Car Accident Lawyers Representing Injury Victims

Stop sign accidents can happen at any time of day, and the severity of these accidents can vary widely depending upon how the collision occurs. In some cases, a driver might fail to come to a stop at a stop sign — running through the stop sign — and may crash into oncoming traffic. In other stop sign collisions, a motorist might not realize a stop sign is approaching and might collide with the vehicle in front of it in a rear-end collision. No matter how a stop sign accident happens, it may be possible to file a claim if another driver was responsible for the collision. An experienced car accident attorney can assist you with your case.

Learning More About Stop Sign Car Accidents

How many stop sign accidents happen each year, and how do they occur? According to a study published in the Journal of Safety Research, about 700,000 traffic collisions occur every year at stop signs, and about one-third of those accidents (or more than 200,000 crashes) result in vehicle occupants, bicyclists, or pedestrians sustaining injuries. The following are some additional facts and figures:

  • Stop sign violations account for about 70% of all reported nonfatal traffic collisions;
  • Most stop sign accidents are “angular collisions,” or two-dimensional collisions;
  • When collisions do not involve stop sign violations (i.e, when a driver does not run a stop sign), rear-end collisions are the most common type of crash that occurs at stop signs;
  • Stop sign collisions tend to occur most frequently because a driver failed to stop, a driver stopped before a stop sign (and the driver behind did not leave sufficient following distance), or the driver slid on a wet or icy road leading up to the stop sign;
  • Drivers involved in stop sign collisions often say that the inability to see incoming traffic was the primary cause of the accident; and
  • Stop sign collisions most frequently involve drivers under the age of 18 and drivers over the age of 65.
Filing a Stop Sign Accident Claim on Time

You might begin the claims process by filing an auto insurance claim after a stop sign accident, but it may be necessary to file a car accident lawsuit in order to obtain full compensation for your losses. Every state has its own statute of limitations for filing a car accident lawsuit. Under California law, for example, most car accident lawsuits, including stop sign accident cases, need to be filed within two years from the date the accident occurred.

However, there are some scenarios in which the time window is much shorter. You should never assume you have enough time to file a claim and, therefore, that it makes sense to hold off on contacting a stop sign auto accident attorney. The sooner you can begin working on your case with an experienced stop sign accident lawyer, the sooner you may be eligible to obtain financial compensation.

Contact a Stop Sign Accident Attorney for Assistance

Do you require assistance with a stop sign accident claim? One of the experienced stop sign accident lawyers at our firm can assist you today. Contact the Walton Law Firm to learn more about filing a car accident case and seeking financial compensation for your losses.

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