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Chain Reaction and Multi Vehicle Accidents

Chain Reaction Crash Lawyer Assisting with Chain Reaction and Multi Vehicle Accidents

Chain reaction and multi vehicle accidents can cause injuries to several — and sometimes dozens — of people, depending upon the size of the crash. While some chain reaction crashes involve only a few cars, many multi vehicle wrecks involve dozens of vehicles with several passengers inside each car. These kinds of collisions can make determining fault an extremely complicated process. In many cases, more than one party may be responsible for the collision.

If you or someone you love recently got hurt in a chain reaction or multi vehicle accident, it is important to seek help with your claim. An experienced chain reaction or multi vehicle accident lawyer can help to prove that one or more other drivers were at fault for the crash so you can get the financial compensation you deserve.

Causes of a Chain Reaction or Multi Vehicle Crash

Most chain reaction or multi vehicle crashes involve at least one driver who is not paying attention or who is driving too fast to stop in time. There are a couple of common scenarios that lead to chain reaction collisions on highways and neighborhood roads. Let us explain, imagining that we have a line of cars in each of the scenarios where Driver A is the first car, Driver B is the second car, Driver C is the third car, and so on:

  • Driver C strikes Driver B, who is at a complete stop behind Driver A, and the force of Driver C’s collision into Driver B’s car causes Driver B to crash into Driver A. This type of multi vehicle or chain reaction collision often occurs when two or more drivers are at a complete stop at a traffic light or stop sign, and an approaching driver (in the example above, Driver C) cannot or does not stop before colliding into the last car in the line of stopped vehicles. In this type of scenario, Driver C is most likely to be at fault for the collision
  • Driver A comes to a stop, Driver B crashes into Driver A, then Driver C (behind Driver B) crashes into Driver B. In this kind of crash, fault is more complicated. If Driver A was distracted and did not realize—until it was almost too late—that she was approaching a red light, stopping quickly could lead Driver A to be partially at fault. At the same time, Driver B must have been following too closely or paying insufficient attention if she could not stop before striking Driver A. The same holds true for other cars behind Driver B.

In each of these scenarios, there may be far more than three cars involved in the crash. In the first scenario, a driver may crash into the last vehicle in a line of 20 cars, and all 21 vehicles (including the driver who started the chain reaction) may be involved in the collision. Similarly, in the second scenario, 20 or more cars may be traveling on a highway behind Driver A. In that case, all drivers may be involved in the crash (and may be partially at fault).

Comparative Fault in a Chain Reaction and Multi Vehicle Collision

Many chain reaction crashes involve the issue of comparative fault. How does comparative fault or contributory negligence impact a driver’s ability to recover damages? While it will vary from state to state, we can use California as an example. Under California’s pure comparative fault law, a driver can still recover regardless of her amount of fault, but her damages award will be reduced by her percentage of liability.

Contact a Chain Reaction and Multi Vehicle Accident Attorney Today

When you have suffered injuries in a chain reaction or multi vehicle collision, the prospect of determining fault and filing a claim can be daunting. However, a car accident attorney with experience representing plaintiffs in these specific kinds of claims can assist you. You can begin by filing an auto insurance claim, and if you cannot obtain a fair settlement, we can move forward with a car accident lawsuit. Contact the Walton Law Firm for more information about filing a personal injury claim for a chain reaction and multi vehicle crash.

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