Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents have a much higher fatality rate than other car accidents. Rollover accidents only account for about 3% of all serious car accidents but they account for approximately 30% of car accident fatalities. About 75% of fatal rollovers occur on rural roads because they tend to be undivided highways without barriers.

Rollovers increase in cars that are taller and narrower because they are more top heavy. As most people know, SUV’s have more of a tendency to rollover, especially those with off-road suspensions because the higher suspension increases the center of mass. Light trucks are more frequently involved in rollovers because they typically have taller car bodies and higher ground clearance. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, “as pickups and SUV’s have become more popular, the distribution of vehicle types in fatal crashes has changed. Car occupant deaths have declined 49 percent since 1975, while pickup occupant deaths have risen 22 percent and SUV occupant deaths are 10 times as high.” However, given the right circumstance, any car can roll over.

There are two types of rollover accidents: tripped and untripped. Tripped rollovers account for 95% of all rollovers and happen when an external element, such as a curb or another vehicle causes the car to tip over. An untripped rollover occurs because of steering input, speed, or friction with the ground, basically when something destabilizes the car. The most common cause of tripped rollovers (approximately 71% of all single car rollovers) is when a vehicle slides to the side and the tires strike a curb, hit soft ground or some other type of increase in sudden lateral force.

With the higher number of SUV’s on the road, rollover accidents over the past twelve years have remained constant, even with improved technology in new cars that help prevent rollovers. Wearing seat belts greatly reduces fatalities in rollovers because in all kinds of crashes, nearly 75% of people ejected from a car die. It’s also very important to not overload an SUV or pickup truck as this can decrease stability and never place heavy loads on the roof. Finally, watch your speedometer as about 40% of fatal rollovers involve extreme speed.

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