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Car Accident Claims Against Friends

Auto Accident Lawyer Helping Injured Plaintiffs with Claims Against Friends

When you are involved in a car accident, the days and weeks after the collision can be physically and emotionally draining. At the same time, a traffic collision that results in serious injuries can also be financially devastating. Many motor vehicle wrecks cause injuries that require extensive medical treatment and surgeries, and the injured person often cannot work due to the severity of the injuries. Accordingly, hospital bills begin to add up while the injured party cannot earn a living. For most car accident victims, it is essential to file a claim in order to seek compensation. However, the prospect of filing a claim can be more complicated when a friend is responsible for the crash.

If you were a passenger in the vehicle of a friend who was at fault for the collision, or if you were leading or following a friend in your car when that person made an error and caused a crash, it is still important to file a claim. An experienced car accident lawyer can speak with you about your case and how to move forward with a claim for compensation.

Do Not Let Guilt Prevent You from Filing a Car Accident Claim

After you are injured in a collision caused by a friend, you might feel guilty about filing a claim. However, it is important to remember that your own health and well-being is more important than the temporary guilt or hurt feelings that may result from filing a claim.

If you were a passenger in the car of a friend when that person caused a collision, most “at fault” states, such as California, allow you to file a third-party claim with the responsible driver’s insurance company. In other words, you would be eligible to file an insurance claim through your friend’s insurance company. You might be concerned that their insurance rates will go up as a result of the claim, but it is important to keep in mind a couple of things. First, if you suffered serious injuries in the crash, there is a good chance that your friend also got hurt and needs to file a claim through their own insurance company. Also, don’t forget, this is why your friend bought insurance- to protect him or herself in situations just like this.

When Your Friend or Family Member’s Insurance Coverage is Insufficient

If your at-fault friend’s insurance policy is insufficient to pay for your losses, you may face the difficult decision of how to move forward with obtaining the compensation you need. Depending on your particular circumstances, you may have a few options:

  • File a claim through your underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage policy if you pay for UIM coverage;
  • File a lawsuit against another liable party (it may be that someone besides your friend is responsible for your injuries); or
  • File a lawsuit against the friend or family member.

Before you worry about whether you will need to file a car accident lawsuit against a friend, you may have other options.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney for Assistance

If you need help seeking compensation after a car crash injury caused by a friend, an experienced and compassionate auto accident lawyer can assist you. Contact the Walton Law Firm to learn more about our personal injury team.

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