How to Take Action

People would be surprised how many times a family member's intuition saved the life of a loved one inside a nursing facility or assisted living facility. At Walton Law Firm, we have had several cases where the family insisted that the their mom/dad/brother/sister be sent to the hospital, only to be denied by the nursing home staff, who insists that the patient is just fine. In fact, there have been cases where the family actually called 911 for an ambulance to come to the nursing home for hospital transport. And guess what? In most of those cases the emergency room doctors tell the family that the patient arrived just in time. Their intuition was right, something was wrong, and had the person been left in the nursing home there most certainly would have been a decline, and very possibly a death.

If you suspect abuse or neglect, prompt reporting is important in preventing further abuse and getting your loved one the care and attention they need. Nursing home abuse lawyer Randy Walton will guide you through the process, and all consultations with Walton Law Firm are free and confidential.  For additional information about how to take action to report nursing home, residential care, or assisted living abuse or neglect, please select the appropriate county: