After my fall in the nursing home, I was advised to go see an attorney.  Randy Walton was recommended to me for advice by people that I talked to.  It turned out to be a very good choice. Randy is a very congenial and friendly person, and he's easy to talk to about you problems and put you at ease. I am very, very happy with what Randy did for me, and would gladly recommend him to anyone who has a problem of any kind.

 - John G., Oceanside

I would recommend Walton Law Firm definitely because of the way they handled our case, the way that they showed that they cared.  It wasn't just a job, it wasn't just business...they cared. 

 - Lynn H., El Cajon

I want to thank Walton Law Firm for all they did for me and my family. When my mother died as a result of neglect and malpractice in a hospital, I found a lawyer online, who referred me to Mr. Walton, someone he said specialized in injury and neglect cases.  That was the beginning of a long legal journey.  Mr. Walton sued the hospital and the doctor involved, and after over two years of litigation, appeals, and mediation, the case settled for an amount that I am really pleased with.  I would return all the money in a heartbeat if I could have my mother back, but at least I know the hospitals and the doctors suffered some degree of punishment in the lawsuit.  I am very grateful.

 - Robert B., Lake Elsinore

I am grateful my daughter found you guys. The recovery you obtained for me after my nursing home nightmare has made my life a little easier. I still haven't totally recovered, but I am making progress.

- Arthur E., Oceanside

My husband fell and broke his hip the very first day he was moved into an assisted living facility.  Even though he stopped walking, the facility simply ignored the dramatic change in his condition.  When he finally received appropriate medical care, it was too late.  He died less than two weeks later.  I am grateful that I found Walton Law Firm, who sued the facility on my husband’s behalf and was able to find out exactly what went wrong.  I also obtained a sizeable settlement.  It couldn’t bring my husband back, but it eased some of the burdens I was facing, and will help me in the years ahead.

- Janet W., Aliso Viejo

My mother and I hired Randy after my father died under terrible circumstances.  He had been in a nursing home for a short period of time, but was neglected by the staff, and he had to be hospitalized because of severe dehydration and numerous bed sores. The hospital wasn’t much better, and the bed sores got worse.  My father died a few weeks later.Randy investigated the case, and ended up filing a lawsuit on our behalf.  He kept us informed throughout the case, and would always promptly return my telephone calls or emails. I am happy to say that after many months, we received a substantial settlement.  My mother and I would definitely recommend Randy as a lawyer.

- Karen B., San Bernardino

Randy Walton is a wonderful lawyer.  He was always available to answer any questions, which he did with great knowledge and kindness. Randy is honest and steered us down the right path for our case to be settled quickly and fairly. Thanks to him, we won our case and are very happy with the settlement. We recommend Randy to anyone that wants a lawyer that will work hard in their behalf. You can be confident that he will do everything possible to bring about a settlement worthy of your case, and in a timely manner.

- Karen K., Norco

It is with deep appreciation that I express my thanks to you and all your efforts on our behalf. It was a miracle to have found you in the midst of such a legal disappointment but in the end we were blessed. My mother did not die in vain. Thank you for representing that belief for us legally.

- Denise T., Los Angeles

From our first phone conversation, Mr. Walton provided a sincere interest in our case. My mother had suffered both abuse and neglect while in the care of a nursing facility, ultimately resulting in her death. Throughout a long and drawn out process of discovering what had actually happened in this facility's care, he stayed in close contact with us, as a family, offering his support and keeping us regularly informed as to the progress being made in the case. His responsiveness to any communication sent his way by our family was excellent. His experience, made evident by his handling of the case, and professional sensitivity to such matters allowed a bond of trust to develop between us.In such difficult situations, particularly when they become very complicated and drawn out, choosing the right representation is so important. My family and I would highly recommend Walton Law Firm as a choice to consider in selecting someone to help you sort out and pursue the truth.

- Judy S., San Diego

Our father was in a nursing home where their neglect of care led to the amputation of his right leg.  The institution wanted to sweep this whole incident under the rug.  And they even tried to put the blame on us (his children), but thanks to Scott and Randy of Walton Law Firm. They took on our case and stood by us until the end. They fought hard and long for my family.  They kept us inform and up to date on what was going on and what to expect.  Scott and Randy were able to setup negotiations between my family and the nursing home which resulted in a nice settlement for us.If you have a love one who has been harmed or mistreated in these nursing homes, don’t hesitate to get justice.  Talk to Scott and Randy, they will give you loving, friendly service with results.

- Schavonne & Tisa M., Los Angeles, CA

When our father was mistreated in his nursing home we didn't know who to talk to. He had severe dementia and could not defend himself. Luckily, a non-profit organization that helps the elderly recommended Walton Law Firm. Our family is forever grateful for the guidance they provided, and for fighting for our dad.

- Patricia R., El Centro

Neglectful care by a nursing home resulted in a painful and untimely death of a loved one. Randy represented a claim for neglect and a claim for wrongful death for our family. We were very satisfied with the successful resolution of the claims. We were impressed with his knowledge of elder abuse law and the compassion he showed to the family during a very difficult time.

- Joseph and Nancy S., Point Loma

Scott and Randy, I want to thank you for handling my dad’s case.  He would be happy that the legal system knew this his case had merit.

- Matt D., San Diego

Client Reviews
Randy is a great lawyer and a better person. He went above and beyond the call of duty to reach a settlement in my case. He believed in my case when no one else did. David C., San Diego
Truly as good as it gets, if not beyond great, for Randy Walton and his paralegal Sarah Earnest. He and she are both incredibly dedicated to what they do and I never felt I couldn't trust him. Natalie T., Lake Elsinore
Calling Randy was the best decision I could have made. He got me an excellent settlement that covered all my medical bills and put a sizable chunk of money in my pocket. Erik S., San Marcos
After my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident, Randy was there from the moment I first called. Suzanne S., Escondido
Walton Law Firm was amazing. Very professional, but personal. Having a lawyer to make sure that everything is taken care of removed so much stress. Wayne G., Encinitas