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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Here is a sampling of Walton Law Firm results in the area of personal injury and wrongful death:

Two Car Accidents in One Year

Underinsured Motorist Claims - Kevin from Escondido was in two car accidents within a year of each other, each one causing injury. He required two surgeries to repair his injured shoulder and neck. In both cases the negligent driver had insufficient insurance coverage and Kevin's underinsured motorist coverage was triggered. Both claims were submitted to arbitration in the same case.

Recovery: $325,000.00

Trip and Fall in Vista Shopping Center

Debbie, 73, was shopping in a retail store in a Vista shopping center when she tripped over a product that was left out in the open and in the customer pathway to the door. Debbie suffered a fractured hip, which required surgery, and a fracture to her left shoulder. Thankfully, she made a full recovery.

Recovery: $375,000.00

Head-On Collision Injures Couple

Auto Accident - A young married couple on their way to Central California to celebrate their wedding anniversary were struck head on when a car traveling the opposite direction veered into their lane. The negligent driver was killed instantly, and the Walton Law Firm clients suffered severe injuries, including a shattered ankle and heel. The negligent driver had a small insurance liability policy, but thankfully the clients maintained a sizable underinsured motorist policy. After investigation, the case was able to be settled before litigation.

Recovery: $1 million (Policy Limits)

Propane Tank Malfunction Causes Severe Burns

Defective Product/Propane Burn Injury - Two employees at a San Marcos manufacturing facility were severely burned during the refueling of a propane-fueled forklift.

Recovery: $2,500,000.00

Improper Wiring Electrocutes Man

Worksite Injury/Wrongful Death - A 40-year-old husband and father of three was electrocuted while working in a welding shop in Imperial County.

Recovery: $825,000.00

Illegal Lane Change by Big-Rig Kills Man

Auto Accident/Wrongful Death - The passenger of a vehicle was killed when the care he was driving was side-swiped by a big-rig truck.The 40-year-old decedent left behind a wife and four children.

Recovery: $735,000.00.

Texting Driver Crosses Center Line and Kills Couple

Wrongful Death - An elderly couple from North County San Diego were killed when the driver of a commercial truck veered over the center line and struck the couple's car head on at a high rate of speed. The couple were both killed instantly and left behind two children who brought a Wrongful Death case against the company that owned the truck.

Recovery: $1 million (Policy Limits).

Encinitas Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Injury - A 31-year-old father of three was traveling on El Camino Real in Encinitas and was stopped at a red light. His vehicle was the first in a line of vehicles in lane number one. The defendant was behind him in a Honda Civic, eating, when he mistakenly believed the light turned green and accelerated forward, hitting the motorcycle. The Walton Law Firm client suffered peripheral tear in the medial meniscus, requiring orthoscopic surgery.

Recovery: $105,139.00

Negligent Forklift Operator Drops Load

Construction Site Injury - Robert, a subcontractor on a construction site in Rancho Bernardo, suffered a major ankle injury when a forklift driver carelessly dropped a heavy load. Surgery was required, but Robert made an excellent recovery.

Recovery: $250,000.00

Abuse in Drug Rehabilitation Facility

A 25-year-old man was admitted to a licensed drug and rehabilitation facility to address his severe opiate addiction. Upon admission, his phone was taken away and he was place in an off-site home during the evenings. While in the homes, and sick with withdrawals, facility caregivers sexually harassed him, and subjected him to ridicule, for a period of several weeks.

Recovery: $425,000.00

Car Accident in National City Causes Concussion

Rear-End Car Accident - A 52-year-old law enforcement officers was rearended on her way to work.She suffered a Grade I concussion, and was taken off work for six weeks.

Recovery: $75,000.00

Slip and Fall in Carlsbad Hotel Spa

Property Injury - A 61-year-old was entering a hotel spa when his feet slipped out from underneath him.The Walton Law Firm premises liability lawsuit revealed that the spa steps had been tampered with by the maintenance staff, leading to an unreasonably dangerous condition.The client suffered a serious shoulder injury that required surgery.

Recovery: $210,000.00

Rear-End on Freeway Accident Leads to Neck Surgery

Car Accident - A 32-year-old man was rear-ended on I-5 in Carlsbad and suffered persistent neck pain. Though he treated conservatively at first, with chiropractic and physical therapy, a cervical cord disc bulge was ultimately identified and he ultimately underwent cervical disc fusion surgery.

Recovery: $250,000.00

Carlsbad Resident Broadsided at Intersection

Car Accident - A Carlsbad resident was suffered a neck injury when an elderly driver ran a red light a broadsided his car.The car was spun around 180 degrees. Conservative medical care was obtained, but when neck pain symptoms persisted, the client retained Walton Law Firm.

Recovery: $100,000.00 (Policy Limits)

Rollover on Freeways Causes Broken Leg

Auto Accident in I-8 - A 17-year-old San Diego girl suffered a broken leg when she hit a freeway center-divider on Interstate 8 while swerving to avoid a negligent driver.

Recovery: $44,841.00.

La Costa Woman Attacked by Bulldogs

Dog Bite - A woman was attacked by two bulldogs as she walked her small dog in Carlsbad. She was knocked to the ground and suffered a broken wrist and puncture wounds to both arms.

Recovery: $85,000.00.

Major Injuries After Car Goes Over the Side

Car Accident - A 30-year-old San Diego man suffered major injuries when the car he was riding in lost control on the freeway and plummeted down a steep embankment.The driver of the car died at the scene, and the client was ejected.The case was litigated for two years against multiple defendants.

Recovery: $402,000.00.

T-Bone Accident Injures Man

Auto Accident - A 33-year-old Oceanside man was injured when he broadsided a vehicle that had turned directly into his path in order to make a left-hand turn.

Recovery: $23,000.00.

Trip and Fall Causes Neurological Injury

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall - A Riverside woman tripped over an unmarked storm drain in the a commercial parking lot and injured her back, shoulder and arm. She developed a serious neurological disorder as a result, causing permanent injury.

Recovery: $593,750.00.

Hand Crushed in Work-Related Injury

Worksite Injury - A 21-year-old Escondido day laborer sustained a crushing injury to several fingers of his dominant hand after it became caught between the chute of a cement truck and a wall.

Recovery: $420,000.00.

Driver Runs Red Light and Broadsides Elderly Woman

Auto Accident - An 82-year-old San Marcos woman was broadsided by a negligent driver who ran a red light causes no serious injuries, but a hospital stay of three days for observation due to the victim's age.

Recovery: $42,000.00

Driver Blinded by Sun Runs Over Neighbor

Auto vs. Pedestrian Accident - A 66-year-old man was struck by a car as he was crossing his street to retrieve mail from his community mailbox. The car that struck him was being operated by a neighbor, who was blinded by the morning sun and couldn't see the victim.

Recovery: $100,000.00. (Policy Limits).

Bicycle Rider Hit by Elderly Driver

Auto vs. Bicycle Accident - A La Jolla college student was sideswiped by an elderly driver causing a serious fracture.

Recovery: $150,000.00.

Heavy Equipment Fall Severely Fractures Man's Leg

Worksite Injury - A retired 72-year-old man sustained a spiral fracture to his leg after a heavy piece of equipment, he was helping move, fell from a forklift, pinning him underneath.

Recovery: $125,000.00.

Chemical Explosion Injures Worker

Product Defect/Burn Injury - A man in his 30s suffered serious burns to his arms after a mismarked flooring chemicals exploded after mixing.

Recovery: $225,000.00.

Fall in Stairway Causes Nerve Damage

Trip and Fall - A woman in her 30s fell in the stairwell of her employer when she slipped on a pile of pistachio shells discarded by other workers.

Recovery: $410,000.00.

Client Reviews
"Walton Law Firm was amazing. Very professional, but personal. Having a lawyer to make sure that everything is taken care of removed so much stress." - Wayne G., Encinitas
"After my husband was killed in a motorcycle accident, Randy was there from the moment I first called." - Suzanne S., Escondido
"Calling Randy was the best decision I could have made. He got me an excellent settlement that covered all my medical bills and put a sizable chunk of money in my pocket." - Erik S., San Marcos
"Truly as good as it gets, if not beyond great, for Randy Walton and his paralegal Sarah Earnest. He and she are both incredibly dedicated to what they do and I never felt I couldn't trust him." - Natalie T., Lake Elsinore
"Randy is a great lawyer and a better person. He went above and beyond the call of duty to reach a settlement in my case. He believed in my case when no one else did." - David C., San Diego