Wandering / Elopement

Researchers have found that approximately one in five cognitively impaired nursing home residents is at risk for aimless wandering or elopement, placing themselves and others at risk of harm. Bad outcomes that are associated with wandering include weight loss, fatigue, sleep disturbance, getting lost, injuries as a result of falling and even untimely death. Residents who wander away from nursing facilities are subject to a variety of additional risks including pedestrian accidents and exposure to the outdoor elements.

Nursing homes that accept residents with a propensity to wander assume certain responsibilities related to that wandering, and must take appropriate action to avoid or reduce the risk of harm. Walton Law Firm has successfully prosecuted custodial care providers in civil courts for the injuries caused by wandering.  If you have questions about wandering, please submit your confidential question online, or call Walton Law Firm for a free and private consultation. We can be reached toll free at (866) 607-1325 or locally at (760) 607-1325.

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