Fall / Fractures

Falls are a serious problem in the nursing home setting in San Diego County. On average, a nursing home with 100 beds will have approximately 200 falls a year, many of which will go unreported. One study estimates that 75% of all nursing home residents will suffer from a fall, which is twice the rate of falls for the same population living at home, and that approximately 1,800 of those who fall in a nursing home will die from their injuries.

To prevent falls, nursing home residents must be adequately assessed upon admission, and that assessment must be updated if the resident's condition changes in a manner that might increase the risk of falling. Addressing a resident who is considered a fall risk requires an interdisciplinary approach, including addressing risk factors or medical conditions that might contribute to falls, making sure residents can move around without obstacles, or including fall prevention devises such as bed alarms, tab alarms, or even lowering the bed.

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