Oceanside Slip and Fall Lawyer

Property owners owe a duty of care to all those who are on their land, in their home, or at their business. Unfortunately, many owners fail to do what they are legally required to do to keep others safe on their property, or ignore what is considered a "dangerous condition." The requirements placed upon property owners as matter of law are usually referred to under the general term “premises liability” or “slip-and-fall.” Under California law there are different rules about what specifically an owner is required to do to ensure that guests are not hurt.

At the very least the owner is required to warn unsuspecting guests about risks in their home, business, or land that the know about, or should know about. For example, if an employee recently mopped a floor, they should reasonably warn customers that the area may be wet by placing a “wet floor” sign in the area. In other cases the store owner may have a duty to take reasonable steps to prevent certain risks. That means that store owners may need to conduct periodic checks to ensure floors are clean and devoid of any debris which may pose a fall risk to those walking in the area.

Premise liability injuries can occur in a variety of contexts including:

Our San Diego premise liability attorney understands that many local residents in Oceanside are hurt each year because of the negligence of property owners. However, many victims are not aware that they can recover for their losses. By taking the time to visit our attorney we can explain how you may be able to seek redress for your medical bills, lost work earnings, disfigurements, disability, emotional distress, and other losses. Oceanside residents should remember that if they are at a person's home or—even more importantly—at a business facility, then property owners owe them a duty to prevent reasonable hazards or warn them of hazards that exists. To learn how the law applies in your particular situation please consider taking a moment to send us a message online or giving us a call at (866) 607-1325 or (760) 571-5500.

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