Fallbrook, California - Personal Injury Lawyer

The Walton Law Firm is located in central North San Diego County, and represents personal injury clients throughout the area, including in Fallbrook. Every day accidents occur throughout North County that cause injury,  sometimes serious, whether it's from a car accident or construction accident, or from medical negligence or dog bites.  Sometimes people are injured because of someone's poor judgment or simple mistake. Fortunately, California law provides a pathway to justice for those victims, by compensating them for the medical care they are required to receive, any lost wages at work, and a reasonable amount to address the pain, suffering, and impact the accident has had on their life. That is where we come in. Randy Walton, of the Walton Law Firm, guide Fallbrook residents through the legal process, advocating on their behalf, in or out of court, until a resolution is reached.

There are a variety of different legal roads that can be taken to help individuals or families receive compensation for the losses they suffer following an accident. To start, an attorney can aid in negotiation with insurance companies, opposing attorneys, and other involved parties. Most victims only wish to receive fair compensation in as timely a manner as possible so they can get on with their lives. Our attorney works to provide that closure by directly advocating on your behalf with others involved. At times, negligent parties may not negotiate earnestly, requiring more aggressive legal actions to ensure that there is fairness and accountability. In these situations our personal injury attorney may advise you that the pursuit of a lawsuit is necessary. In those situations much more information will be collected about the incident and trial preparations will be undertaken. More often than not, a case will settle before reaching trial, but if a party refuses to negotiate fairly than we will take the case to trial and through appeals if necessary.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of an accident may be just as frustrating for a victim as the accident itself. It is never easy to deal with insurance companies, and there is always a risk that one might not receive the compensation deserved following their accident. That is why it is vital for all injury victims to visit an attorney—no one should try to go it alone. It is particularly important to work with an attorney who has experienced in a wide range of cases and who is committed to devoting personal attention to each case.

The Walton Law Firm has handled hundreds of cases involving accidents of many kinds, from relatively small injuries to wrongful deaths. No matter what accident you were involved in, please get in touch with our office to see how we can help. You can send a message to our attorney instantly via our online questionnaire or you can reach us by phone at (855) 607-1325 or (760) 571-5500. All consultations are free.  If necessary, we are also available to come to you to help by visiting your home or a hospital. We look forward to hearing from you.

Important Fallbrook Telephone Numbers

Emergency: 9-1-1
Repot-A-Crime: (800) 78-CRIME
Fallbrook Hospital: 760-728-1191
North County Fire Protection District: 769-723-2005
Fallbrook Sheriffs Department: 760-728-1113