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Real Examples of Poway Car Accidents and Settlement Amounts

Motorcycle Accident

Facts: Mr. E, a Poway resident, was injured while riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle in downtown San Diego at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Laurel. The defendant was exiting a driveway from a Shell station, and merged quickly into Mr. E's lane, cutting him off, and striking his motorcycle.

Injuries: From the scene of the accident Mr. E went directly to the emergency room at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido. He complained of right shoulder pain, right hip pain and bilateral ankle pain. He had deep abrasions (road rash) on both forearms. A CT scan of his cervical spine and head was ordered, as well as x-rays of his left ankle and foot, right ankle, right hip, left knee, right knee, and right shoulder. The x-ray of his left ankle revealed a lateral malleolus fracture and possible medial malleolus fracture. Surgery was originally ruled out, but one-year post accident he was still in pain and had considerable swelling. He ultimately opted for surgery, and has his left ankle repaired.

Settlement: $250,000.00 (underinsured motorist policy limits)

Cut-Off Car Accident

Facts: Ms. M was picking up her daughter from her Poway school when the defendant attempted a U-turn on a two-lane road right in the pathway of Ms. M's car. The accident which caused Ms. Miranda’s injuries occurred in San Diego, California. Ms. M and her eight-year-old daughter were driving in their 1999 Lexus RX300 on a two-way road on her way to pick up her son from middle school. They were wearing seatbelts and traveling approximately 35mph.

Injuries: After the car crash, Ms. M experienced neck stiffness, and hoped it would resolve with rest and over the counter medications. However, her pain had escalated so much that she went to seek medical care. She was seen at Kaiser and told doctors that she was feeling increased pain across her upper back from shoulder to shoulder and down to her right elbow. Ms. M was prescribed Meloxicam and Hydrocodone / Acetaminophen to medicate the pain. When she failed to improve, her caregivers prescribed physical therapy, and then spinal epidurals to deal with the pain. When injections failed to work, Ms. M underwent a C6-7 discectomy surgery two-and-a-half years after the accident.

Settlement: $250,000.00 (policy limits)

T-Bone Crash

Facts: The automobile accident which caused VR’s injuries occurred in the greater Poway area when she was driving her SUV eastbound on Spring Canyon Road in the #2 lane towards the intersection of Semillon Boulevard and Spring Canyon Road. The defendant was at a stop sign at the same intersection, and then crept forward, attempting to turn left onto westbound Spring Canyon Road. The defendant saw a motorcycle travelling westbound and yielded to it and then proceeded into the intersection to turn left. VR saw the defendant pulling out and tried to honk and swerve to prevent an accident, but was unable to avoid it and the two cars collided. Airbags in both vehicles were deployed. There was major damage to both vehicles.

Injuries: Upon arrival at Pomerado Hospital, VR was triaged and complained of pain to the chest wall, neck, right wrist and left knee. Her pain was rated as a 7/10. Doctors performed a thorough examination and confirmed the presence of swelling to the chest, cervical tenderness, and hematoma and tenderness to the right wrist and left knee. Due to the reported severity of the collision and injuries, imaging studies were ordered of the affected areas. The CT scan of her cervical spine and x-ray of her left knee showed no acute injury. The x-ray to her right wrist showed soft tissue swelling. Most significant were the findings of the CT scan of her thorax/abdomen/pelvis. It revealed a displaced fracture of the blade of her left scapula and contusion of the subcutaneous fat superficial to the left clavicle.

Settlement: $38,300.00

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