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Real Examples of Carlsbad Car Accidents and Settlement Amounts

Pedestrian Accident

Facts: KK suffered major injuries when she was struck while lawfully crossing Carlsbad Blvd. in a marked crosswalk right next to the beach. The police investigation into that accident, which includes the testimony of independent witnesses, faulted the driver.

Injuries: KK was taken by ambulance to Scripps Memorial Hospital - La Jolla, where she spent five days. She was diagnosed with a displaced right proximal humeral neck fracture, and a shoulder fracture. Both required surgery.

Settlement: $100,000.00 (Third-party and underinsured motorist policy limits)

T-Bone Accident

Facts: CR was stopped at a light at the intersection of Faraday Ave and College Blvd in Carlsbad, CA. Her light turned green and he proceeded through the intersection. Defendant, who was 90 years old, ran the red light proceeding north bound on College and struck CR's vehicle at a high rate of speed, causing it to spin a complete 360 degrees.

Injuries: CR suffered a spinal injury and was diagnosed with PTSD. She ultimately underwent surgery for C7 radiculitis.

Personal Injury Settlement: $100,000.00 (policy limits)

T-Bone Accident

Facts: Ms. S, age 47-year-old, was stopped at a red light facing southbound at the intersection of Town Garden Road and El Camino Real in Carlsbad. She was wearing her seat belt. When the light turned green, Ms. S proceeded straight, while the defendant, an 82-year-old woman driving northbound on El Camino Real, ignored the red light and proceeded at 50 mph into the intersection and struck Ms. S broadside on the passenger side. Both cars spun from the impact and were heavily damaged. Ms. S’s vehicle was a total loss.

Injuries: Immediately following the accident, Ms. S went to Scripps Memorial Hospital Emergency Department complaining of discomfort in her chest and pain in her left forearm, left knee, left index finger, and a headache. She was evaluated and lab tests, several x-rays, and a CT scan were taken. A two-view chest X-ray was obtained, and there were no findings of fracture. An EKG was taken due to chest wall trauma, and it was normal. A CT scan was taken of Ms. S’s head, and it too was normal. A left knee three-view x-ray was taken which revealed a loose foreign body which may be a possible small avulsion fracture of the tibial spine. A two-view x-ray of the left forearm was obtained and no fracture or swelling was noted. She was discharged with pain killers. Ms. S had several follow up visits with an orthopedic surgeon, but no surgery was performed. She also completed a round of physical therapy.

Settlement: $80,000.00

T-Bone Accident

Facts: J.H. was in a car accident at the intersection of Lionshead Ave. and Melrose Ave. in Carlsbad, California, when a negligent driver ran a red light and t-boned A.H. The accident caused both cars to spin violently, and airbags in both cars deployed.

Injuries: J.H. walked into Palomar Hospital approximately an hour-and-a-half after the accident suffering severe pain in his abdomen, his chest, and the left side of his neck. He was promptly examined, and taken for imaging studies, including CT scans of the head, spine, and abdomen. The head and spine scans were clear, but the CT of the abdomen found trace fluid near the inferior tip of the liver, as well as a rupture of the spleen. Because of the findings, J.H. was admitted and placed in the ICU for monitoring. Over the next 48 hours, J.H. remained hemodynamically stable, and doctors determined there was no need for surgical intervention. He was released with restrictions and told to follow up in a week. No further treatment was needed.

Personal Injury Settlement: $26,200.00

Car v. Skateboard

Facts: WK was skateboarding in Carlsbad Village at night when a car turning left struck him as he crossed a street.

Injuries: WK suffered a very serious fracture of his dominant arm and was taken to Palomar Hospital in Escondido, where surgery was performed.

Personal Injury Settlement: $100,000.00

Head-on Crash on Residential Street

Facts: John was travelling northbound on a residential street in Carlsbad, and approaching a spot where the road curves to the right. The defendant was travelling southbound on on the same road and, when approaching the curve at approximately 40 mph, veered into the side of the road for oncoming traffic and struck John nearly head on.

Injuries: John suffered injuries to his neck, lower back and left shoulder following the accident. MRIs of his lumbar spine revealed disc bulges at several levels and he treated conservatively with physical therapy and injections. Plaintiff was also diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis and a torn rotator cuff tendon in his left shoulder and, after injections failed to resolve the pain and increase his range of motion, he underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair his shoulder.

Settlement: $200,000.00

Carlsbad Motorcycle Accident Results in Femur Fracture

Facts: Mr. B was the driver of a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle traveling eastbound at approximately 35 mph towards the intersection of Grand Avenue and Madison Street in Carlsbad. Concurrently, the defendant was driving a 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander traveling westbound on Grand Avenue attempting to make a left turn onto southbound Madison Street. According to her statement, she did not see Mr. B and struck him, causing him to be ejected from his motorcycle over the handlebars.

Injuries: Mr. B suffered a fractured to his left femur and ankle, both requiring surgical repair and the placement of hardware.

Settlement: $250,000.00

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