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Poway Pedestrian Injury Lawyer

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Assisting Plaintiffs in Poway, California

None of us expect to be involved in a pedestrian accident, but in Poway and throughout California, these accidents really do occur much more often than many people expect. Pedestrians can be injured in collisions involving motor vehicles, e-bikes, and traditional bicycles, as well as in accidents involving dangerous roads or walkways where pedestrians slip and fall or trip and fall. It is important to know that pedestrian accidents and injuries frequently result from another party’s negligence or fault, and it may be possible to file a claim in order to seek financial compensation. An experienced Poway pedestrian injury lawyer can speak with you today about your case.

Avoiding Serious Injuries in a Poway Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians in the Poway area who are injured in accidents often sustain debilitating injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries (SCIs), bone fractures, internal bleeding and organ damage, and traumatic amputations. Yet, many accidents can be prevented. The California Office of Traffic Safety provides some of the following tips for pedestrians:

  • Wear clothing or carrying gear that makes you visible to motorists, especially if you will be walking at dusk or after dark;
  • Engage in safe walking behaviors, which means using a sidewalk where you can, avoiding alcohol before walking and avoiding distractions such as talking or texting on a phone while walking;
  • Look and look again for any oncoming traffic, and try to make eye contact with an oncoming motorist before crossing in a crosswalk (even though you have the right of way here, you want to do what you can to avoid an injury involving a negligent driver); and
  • Always obey any walk (or “do not walk”) signs and traffic signals.
What to Know About Poway Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries

As we have emphasized, pedestrian accidents can be very serious, and pedestrians are frequently killed in collisions involving motor vehicles. What should you know about the rate of pedestrian injuries and deaths in Poway and throughout California? Consider the following statistics from the California Office of Traffic Safety:

  • California has the highest rate of pedestrian deaths in the country;
  • In California, the pedestrian fatality rate is nearly 25 percent above the present national average;
  • Nearly 900 pedestrians were killed on roads in California in 2018, and more than 14,000 sustained injuries in accidents;
  • Pedestrian deaths have risen by more than 25 percent in recent years; and
  • Between 2009 and 2018, approximately 7,500 pedestrians have been killed in accidents in California.

As the California Office of Traffic Safety underscores, both pedestrians and motorists alike “must work together to demonstrate safe behaviors on the road” in order to avoid a debilitating or deadly accident. When a serious pedestrian injury does occur, a pedestrian will usually have two years from the date of the collision to file a claim for compensation. An experienced Poway pedestrian injury lawyer can help.

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Pedestrian accidents are much too common in Southern California, but one of our experienced Poway pedestrian accident attorneys can help you seek the compensation you need. Contact the Walton Law Firm for more information about how we can assist you.

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